Loren has always been fascinated with using her body as a tool to communicate and create. There is a close relationship between the ways in which a physical trainer and a sculptor shape their mediums. A process that begins as an in-depth study to understand her subject transitions into a plan of action and then an eventual transformation. She locates the key structural and muscular imbalances that are causing pain symptoms and then, with precise stability and mobility, corrects these imbalances. The focus on balance and strength in her sculptures and with her clientele in the mental and physical is central to Loren’s craft.

Watch a Bodybuilder Escape a Steel Box

Artist Loren Crabbe Discusses Abjection, Trauma, and the Human Body

August 1, 2014

"I strive to incorporate surrealistic elements from these concepts within my own ideas of abjection to approach the viewer with a full-­bodied multimedia experience.”

December 18, 2014

Is that the ghost of Houdini resurrected for the sake of art? No, her name is Loren Crabbe — a successful personal trainer by day, artist by night — with a body seemingly sculpted by Michelangelo. 

500 lbs of Clay





  • Prenatal core preparation and building

  • Prenatal alignment and postural preparation

  • Postnatal pelvic floor/core rebuild and strengthen

  • Postnatal stabilization and postural realignment sessions


  • Postural analysis and correction

  • Rehab and correctional Pilates

  • Correctional training

  •  Workplace wellness programs

  • Spinal injury specialization and rehabilitation

  • Functional core training

  • Corrective breathing

  • Balance training

  • Special populations (osteopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis, post-surgical patients, rehabilitation from injury)


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  1. extremely bad, unpleasant, degrading or self-abasing.

  2. “an abject being”




  1. the process of purging “the abject” from oneself

  2. “harvesting inner mental and physical strengths to remove self doubt, negative evils and horrors in order to overcome and evolve the human condition” - Loren Crabbe

  3. “It is thus not 

  4. lack of cleanliness or health that causes abjection but what disturbs identity, system, order. What does not respect borders, positions, rules. The in-between, the ambiguous, the composite. “- Julia Kristeva




This performance is a display of the idealized human condition and the process of making. Challenging myself with 500 pounds of wet red clay, I will construct and deconstruct a sculpture. Using my skills as a mixed media artist, the object I create represents the abject that lives within myself. It is through this process of abjection that I am removing evils, presenting them to you and overcoming limitations in order to destroy it.


laborious activity and exemplary physical fitness levels the human condition can reach with a regimented diet and training program.longMy techniques as a wellness coach will be utilized to cleanse the human condition through the process of abjection. I am ridding aggression by constructing and then deconstructing this object, claiming the final product as my own. The performance highlights the strength and endurance involved in





Loren Crabbe is a wellness practitioner serving the greater NYC area. She specializes rehabilitation, postural correction, core development and structural realignments. Equipped with a large toolbox of experience and several certifications – STOTT certified Pilates instructor, Postural Analysis Specialist, and AFAA Certified Personal and Group Instructor – Loren is able to treat a wide variety of clients with vastly different needs.


Her own journey through life as a car accident survivor and experience with spine surgery has given Loren invaluable experience in becoming a healer. These life experiences with physical trauma, injuries and rehabilitation help her to understand, support, and empathize with her clientele. She has studied many techniques with the goals of reducing pain, increasing stability, and preventing further injury. Her years of training, focus, and determination to rehabilitate herself have given her the tools necessary to develop customized programs that do the same for her patients. As a firm believer in overall wellness, she considers the emotional, mental, and physical all essential components in creating well-rounded programs and experiences.


Rehab and Correctional Wellness Coach

RESTRICTION: 66 yds of Latex, 2016, Roger Smith Hotel


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RESTRICTION: Construction and Deconstruction, 2014, Roger Smith Hotel

500 lbs of Clay 

RESTRICTION: 66 yds of latex is a study on claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) and atychiphobia (fear of failure). Although these are lifelong phobias, I have chosen to confront them to progress towards acceptance and improvement. By entrapping myself in a

72’’x 24’’ x 20’’ cocoon, I will come face to face with these fears and learn how to cope and coexist with them in a live setting.


RESTRICTION is a series of performances used as a tool for self-development and a guide for others through their own evaluation and growth. Each installment focuses on strength and endurance, utilizing various materials and restricted spaces. I create visual metaphors that challenge my insecurities in order to connect with the audience and encourage them to personally reflect on their own anxieties. By forcing myself to face my fears for others to witness, I expose my true vulnerability and allow the viewer to identify with the process inside and out.

RESTRICTION: 66 yds of Latex, 2016, Roger Smith Hotel

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RESTRICTION: Construction and Deconstruction, 2014, Roger Smith Hotel

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